Solar Challenge Day #13 (the end)

Today is the 13th and final day of my solar cooking challenge.  My original plan was to live off the solar oven for two weeks, but I had forgotten about the wedding Crystal and I are attending tomorrow.  I’m afraid taking a lunch box of solar-cooked food to the reception would be hard to explain.  As a result, I’m calling it quits on day 13.

Here’s what I cooked today:

  • Lasagna (Crystal was actually responsible for this)
  • Fish (the four rock bass I caught last Saturday)


  • Breakfast: chicken sandwich
  • Lunch: lasagna and dinner rolls
  • Dinner: fish/egg salad sandwiches

For the skeptics out there that still don’t believe my solar cooking can sustain me, here is a list of solar-cooked food that is left over:

  • Two servings of potato casserole
  • Two servings of lasagna
  • Seven dinner rolls
  • Enough chicken for two sandwiches
  • Enough fish/egg salad for three sandwiches