Local government goodies now available online

The Fulton County government is offering unneeded or retired equipment for sale to the highest bidder on their new auction web site. This auction includes some computer and electronic equipment, as well as several appliances and household items.  The address is:


This is the first auction of its kind that the county has offered via the Internet.  It was made possible by some PHP and MySQL programing by Bernardo himself.  The auction web site could use a few enhancements, but it gets the job done.

The current auction will end on February 17.  Three more auctions will be held later this year, ending April 15, July 15, and October 15.  Items will be made available for bid approximately two weeks prior to the ending date.  At the bottom of the first page you see when visiting the web site, there is a subscription link where you can sign up to be notified when there are items being sold.

Be sure to read the terms before bidding.  A few important ones: everything is offered as-is with no warranty, payment must be made with cash or money order, and all items must be picked up by the buyer.  The county will not package and ship your purchase to you.

Feel free to come back here and comment on the web site.  Suggestions for improvements are welcome!