Top five things to do with your stimulus money

Wondering what to do with those extra dollars you take home because of the the U.S. government’s so-called “stimulus” package?  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Donate it to a poor person in another county who will see it as a blessing instead of an entitlement.  Or give it to a truly needy person in America, if you can find one.
  2. Donate it to a pro-life cause in attempt to balance the leftward shift in Washington on social issues.
  3. Invest it for your children, as they will need it to help pay the interest on the mountain of national debt these so called stimulus packages are creating.
  4. Donate it to a truly conservative politician, if you can find one.  Perhaps you can donate it to whichever state governor takes the least amount of our money from stimulus package.
  5. Buy an advertisement in your local newspaper bashing the politicians who voted for the stimulus bill.