Asus E35M1-I Motherboard w/ AMD e350 Processor & Proxmox VE 1.9

Here is a video that gives an overview of the new motherboard I installed in my home server. It uses a fan-less, dual-core processor that is capable of hardware virtualization, making it perfect for the use of a hypervisor like Proxmox VE 1.9. Those looking to purchase the board can click here to go to the product page on Amazon.

43 thoughts on “Asus E35M1-I Motherboard w/ AMD e350 Processor & Proxmox VE 1.9

  1. One critical flaw with this board is no ability to resume operation on power restore. Most bioses have an option for last state, off, always on etc.. not this one. Sort of annoying if you wanted it to be able to run asterisk and other minor jobs around the home 24/7. Sure can a UPS (and do have one) but that only helps so far.

  2. Actually I take that back, after upgrading my bios and resetting the option is there hurray. Now all it would need is ipmi/ikvm access option/addon and it would be the perfect small server board.

  3. Robert, does asterisk run well on this board? Are you using a distro that prepackages asterisk (pbx-in-a-flash, trixbox, etc), or are you installing on top of a standard distro?

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