Coming soon to an area near you: widespread power outages

If you keep up with the news, you probably know about the recent power outage in the county of India that affected more than 350 million people. You probably also assumed that  you will never see something like that happen here in the United States.

Your assumption could very well be incorrect.

According to this National Geographic article, it is more a matter of when than a matter of if. A solar storm big enough to cause massive power outages already happened.  Fortunately, it was in 1859, long before electricity was an important part of our lives.  When we have another solar storm of that magnitude, the results could be devastating for  developed countries that are dependent on electricity for communication, transportation, and even for access to drinking water. Another storm like that one could cause widespread chaos, particularly in urban areas.  It could very well bring about the end of our way of life.

I have attached a video from National Geographic explaining this in detail.  Watch and learn.

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