My Solar Cooking Challenge – A Summary

For those of you who have just tuned in, my last several blog posts have been journaling my solar cooking project in which I lived for nearly two weeks without the use of a conventional oven or microwave.  Instead, I cooked my food using the sun.

In order to make it easier to read the solar cooking-related blog entries I have listed them in order below.  Enjoy!

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  5. Meet the Ovens
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  9. Day 7: One week of solar cooking
  10. Solar Challenge Day #8
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  12. Solar Challenge Day #10
  13. Solar Challenge Day #11
  14. Solar Challenge Day #12
  15. Solar Challenge Day #13 (the end)

Solar Challenge Day #13 (the end)

Today is the 13th and final day of my solar cooking challenge.  My original plan was to live off the solar oven for two weeks, but I had forgotten about the wedding Crystal and I are attending tomorrow.  I’m afraid taking a lunch box of solar-cooked food to the reception would be hard to explain.  As a result, I’m calling it quits on day 13.

Here’s what I cooked today:

  • Lasagna (Crystal was actually responsible for this)
  • Fish (the four rock bass I caught last Saturday)


  • Breakfast: chicken sandwich
  • Lunch: lasagna and dinner rolls
  • Dinner: fish/egg salad sandwiches

For the skeptics out there that still don’t believe my solar cooking can sustain me, here is a list of solar-cooked food that is left over:

  • Two servings of potato casserole
  • Two servings of lasagna
  • Seven dinner rolls
  • Enough chicken for two sandwiches
  • Enough fish/egg salad for three sandwiches

Day 7: One week of solar cooking

Today is day #7 of my solar cooking challenge, and it marks the completion of a week of living on solar-cooked food. There was cloud cover most of the day and no chance to cook anything.  The sun did peek through now and then, and did so long enough for me to heat up some previously solar-cooked lasagna for lunch.

Speaking of lasagna, here is something you have probably not heard of before:  You can cook lasagna in your dishwasher!  Really.  Click here to read the article on

Today I went fishing with a Elijah Yoder, a friend of mine, and brought home four rock bass.  They are waiting in the freezer for an opportunity to be cooked in my solar oven.

Meals today

  • Breakfast: Chicken sandwich
  • Lunch: Lasagna
  • Dinner: An apple and banana

The weather forecast for the week ahead does not look as desirable as this one has been.  Several days are expected to be  “partly sunny” but one never knows how those will turn out until the time comes.  “Abundant sunshine” is the more favorable term I like to hear in a forecast.  I also will be attending a conference two days next week; therefore, I’ll have to pack some food cooked last week and resist the temptation to eat anything else.