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Breaking News: it floats!

Cardboard BoatA few weeks ago I was searching the Internet for methods of waterproofing cardboard.  I was hoping to use some of the boxes lying around here to make a bird house.  However, most of the information I found was geared toward cardboard boat building, something I found very interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I decided to build one for myself.  Most of the plans I found were for boats designed with racing in mind, and therefore designed to stay afloat for only a short time.  I set out to build a more durable watercraft.  Time will tell whether or not I have succeeded.

The structural part of my boat is made entirely of cardboard.  There’s no wood, metal or other substances used.  It is held together by paper tape, contact cement, and wood glue.  To waterproof the hull, I used layers of varnish and several editions of the Fulton County News. The inside of the boat is coated with Dry-lock paint.

The good news is that it has survived its first voyage of several laps around our pool.  Click here to watch the video.

Hard times? Not Really.

This post is straying a bit off topic for a tech blog, but I’ve had the need for some time now to vent about the economy here in America.  Let’s see, how do I begin?  How about this:


Chicken Little apparently is controlling the media, because all a person hears recently is that the sky is falling.  In fact, the media has been down-in-the-mouth about the economy for several years.  The reality is that things could be a lot worse. Here’s what Gregg Easterbrook of the Brookings Institution recently had to say about the economy:

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